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Baseball & Softball Training in St.Petersburg, FL


As a St. Pete native, I have played baseball on every field in Pinellas County. My love for the sport inspired me to establish Meier Baseball Training, where I develop baseball and softball players right here in the Sunshine City.


Through my unique experience working for the Philadelphia Phillies as a rehab bullpen catcher, I have amassed a wealth of deep knowledge and gained a keen eye for proper technique that allows me to coach the way I do. Both the young Little Leaguer picking up the bat for the first time and the high schooler hungry for scholarships can find a one-of-a-kind training experience that promotes injury prevention, enhances mental awareness, and delivers results.


In my years of career experience as both a rehab bullpen catcher and a physical therapist aide, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that many youth injuries can and will be avoided if the player throws the ball correctly—not leading with their elbow or shoulder. My goal at Meier Baseball Training is to teach any ball player, young or old, to throw correctly and play ball for as long as they can.



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